We bucked our traditional Thanksgiving celebration this year and headed to New York for the Macy’s parade on Thursday, I have to admit it was not something I was looking forward to…I mean getting up at 4am and driving to the city.

However my niece, who now lives in Montana, was marching in the parade with a few hundred others from an All-Star cheerleading group so plans had to change.

Well it turns out it was a lot of fun, made all that much better by the fact we were pretty much in the front row on 67th Street and Central Park West. The balloons were very impressive from that close view and it’s something I’m glad we did. Actually the best part was Thanksgiving Dinner at Carmine’s….turkey and chicken parm…nice!

I’ve watched my wife, son and daughter purchased them in the last year but I swore I would never own one. As many of my friends and co-workers became owners of them I re-affirmed that I would not get on board the fast-moving train. Well I now have joined what seems like the majority and purchased an I Phone and right now I do not love it.

That’s because even though my daughter set up just about everything my fat fingers are having trouble with the sensitive and small letters on the keyboard and I’m generally very confused. Of course I am in what will be a long learning curve as I was just getting comfortable with my previous smart phone when I made the move to the I Phone which I did strictly for business reasons. I can now listen to our radio station thanks to the free RadioPup app.


If you were among the many that put up your outside holiday decorations over the weekend you now know what it’s like for those who live in places like Florida. It was really strange to be wearing shorts and flip flops while hanging greens around the doorway but you won’t get a complaint from me. Every nice day is one less day of real winter.

Noted Toms River sculptor Brian Hanlon’s latest creation was unveiled earlier this month in Philadelphia and will be a lasting tribute to the last of pro football’s 60-minute men. A 7 ½ foot bronze statue of Hall of Famer Chuck Bednarik was unveiled during halftime of the Cornell-Penn game at Franklin Field and will be the centerpiece of a project honoring the history of the Eagles when they played at the historic stadium. The 86-year old Bednarik, his family and several of his former teammates were on hand for the ceremony. It’s the latest of several sports creations for Hanlon, who is working on a few others at this time.