I'm a pet lover.  My family has 1 incredible doggy, Daisy (pictured above), and 2 kitties, Bomber and Dottie.  A big part of caring for our pets is time, attention, and exercise.  I love seeing so many Jersey Shore pet owners getting their dogs out for some fresh air.  What I don't like seeing is the disregard some people have for their doggie droppings.

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Let me set the scene.  It's a beautiful sunny evening.  I'm taking my dog for a walk.  She stops for a potty break.  I take my green doggie bag out and scoop the poop.  That's how it should be, right?

Well, as I walk around my new hometown (Bayville) and by big beautiful houses, I see turd nuggets in these otherwise pristine yards. Unbelievable.  I took a walk around Toms River during my lunch break today and noticed the same thing.  And then I sat back down at work and noticed a 700-word diatribe by someone in a Jersey Shore Facebook group about the very same thing.  Apparently, I'm not the only one shocked and frustrated by this.  So, I'll sum it up like this - - scoop your dog's poop.  It's the right thing to do aesthetically and for health reasons.  Keep our beautiful community beautiful.  Or, feel free to move to Deleware - please.  Like now.

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