There are a lot of things we already know about Monmouth County but there is plenty of quirky stuff out there you may never have heard of or thought about. we've compiled some of those to share with you.

Check out these quirky or little known facts about the county we love. How many of them did you already know?

Is Molly Pitcher Just Folklore? We all know the story of the brave Molly Pitcher who provided water to troops while the Battle of Monmouth raged on, but according to Biography, some experts aren't even sure she existed. We do know many experts do believe that there was a Molly Pitcher and her real name was Mary Ludwig.

Ocean with No Ocean Front. Here's one of those quirky ones from Alvis Rocks. Despite its name, Ocean Township is landlocked. And Oceanport isn't on the ocean either. Here's why, according to APP. Before Interlaken was incorporated, Ocean was a coastal Monmouth town. And as for Oceanport, the river it's on eventually does empty into the ocean.

Everybody Love Monmouth County, Even Pirates. The shores of Monmouth County were visited by legendary pirates such as Blackbeard and Captain Kidd. according to Jersey Shore In Motion.

Forget The North/South Jersey Argument. It turns out that at one point, we didn't have to worry about being considered North or South Jersey. That's because for a period of time in our history, the shores of Monmouth County were considered East Jersey, according to My Counties.

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So there you go, some of the information you might not already know about Monmouth County. The one that gets me is that we were once East Jersey. That just doesn't sound right, and it definitely doesn't roll off my tongue.

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