When I think of White Castle I think of my son Zach. We would grab a “crave case” on the weekend, have some of his friends over and play games and watch the worst...but best action movies til late. Those were fun times and like I said the White Castle sliders were the main entre’ lol was I a bad parent? or simply enjoying those young teen years? I like their sliders, but nowadays maybe every “blue moon”. 🍔


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Shawn Michaels


So as you can see the renovations continue at the White Castle on Route 37 in Toms River. Looks like they have made their way around the outside, giving the “castle” and update and it's looking good.

The White Castle dining room is open for takeout. Currently they are working on the drive-thru getting that finished and with summer here I’m sure they want the location open sooner then later.


Shawn Michaels


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Shawn Michaels


So when it comes to White Castle.....what is your favorite? The Original Slider? Fries? Onion Rings? Milkshakes? or the Movie? Yes many a crave case was devoured during a showing of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” lol


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