So we are not even two weeks into the new year and already Old Man Winter, aka Jack Frost, is giving us a good helping of winter here in Ocean County.

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So far in 2022, we have had nearly 20 inches of snow, in some parts of Ocean County, and temperatures near zero, and looks like this weekend we are gonna get another round of frigid temps.


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Looking ahead the forecast is calling for temperatures near 10* overnight Friday and Saturday. That's not factoring in any wind chill or "feels like" temps...which could easily make it feel in the single digits.

So even though there is now snow in the forecast for the upcoming weeke3nd, it is gonna be extremely cold here in Ocean bundle up.

Speaking of bundling up, we asked YOU at home what gets cold first and a lot of folks said it's their hands during winter.

Bud: My feet... Lol

Mary Jane: My hands

Chris: Only thing freezing temps are good for is picking up dog poop!

Mari Ann: My feet are ice can't wait for flip flop weather again

Kelli: Not me, going through menopause, sweating 24/7!! My window in my room is wide open! LOL! Robin Jonathan Deutsch Robin Jonathan Deutsch



Thanks, everyone for letting us know what freezes first. Hats, gloves, and boots...keep warm, and don't forget to download our FREE 92.7 WOBM App to stay on top of Ocean County weather with our very own Meteorologist Dan Zarrow.


Welcome To Winter 2022 in Ocean County, New Jersey

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