I have been wanting to write about this topic for awhile and have discussed this we many, are we seeing more “wind” here in Ocean County? I feel that since Hurricane Sandy we have more “wind” here in Ocean County.

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To me it just seems like almost every storm we have here in Ocean County, we have a lot of “wind” and this goes for rain or snow storms. I feel that even on days where there isn’t rain or snow, you can simply have “windy” days and it’s more wind then I remember in the past.

There also seems to be more “tornado warnings” here in Ocean County. I hardly remember ever having a tornado watch or warning here in Ocean County, but now in just the past few months we have had several, including just recently with Tropical Storm Elsa and a possible tornado  in Little Egg Harbor.

According to timeanddate.com February is the windiest month on average in New Jersey. These days it seems that every month is a windy month.

I wanted to ask YOU how you felt about “wind” in Ocean County and get your comments …..

Carol: Yes! 💯

Bob: Depends how many people been eating them beans

Dawn: Yes 💯

Bud: A lot of hot air, if you ask me.

Evelyn: Yes💯

Linda: Yes

Let us know what you think and post your comments below 👇🏻 we would love to hear what you have to say. Do we have less trees due to construction around the county? Maybe that’s another reason for more wind 🌬


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