As 2021 looms with an ongoing pandemic, worker sentiment is not that great, according to a recent Robert Half survey that finds 41% feeling more burned out now than they were a year ago

The survey also finds that 30% of employees feel underpaid, with most saying they would be willing to negotiate their salary within the next year.

More than a third of employees plan to look for a new job within the next eight months.

Nearly half of all managers say they started advertising fully remote jobs since the start of the pandemic.

Robert Half Regional Vice President Dora Onyschak said employers need to stay close to their staff: Pay attention to their attitudes and find out what's causing the burnout. Is it because they are overworked, dissatisfied?

She said employers should look at the change in attitude, missed deadlines, incomplete work or a decrease in productivity. Managers can help with that by staying in contact with their employees. Don't just touch base on a project once but check in with team members regularly. Find out where they're at and what obstacles they're facing. Ask how to help them.

Employers should also encourage their workers to take their personal time of — and lead by example.

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Onyschak adds that employers need to remind their workers to do their best to maintain a healthy work-life balance. That means taking their allotted vacation days. Also, promote company benefits such as free classes or wellness programs.

Onyschak said one plus to coming out of the pandemic is remote working, which she said is here to stay. She said companies are seeing the rise of remote work as an opportunity to tap into skill sets across the country.

Workplaces have found employees remain productive while working remotely. Moreover, workers enjoy it. Onyschak said workers like that new work-life balance where they're not commuting for an hour to get home for dinner.

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