I have a Christmas Wish this year.  I want a white Christmas.  This year's been hard and that would be a great way to end the year.  What about you?  When you think of Christmas, what do you picture?  Is it the tree in the corner of your living room, filled with lights, and topped with a star?  Or is it a flurry of snowflakes dropping out of the air?  Or even a scene like this?

Snow Surrounds Us 2019 JB

That's what I witnessed last year. You're right, I wasn't in Ocean County then. I was in MinneSNOWTA.Brrr.  Yes, they get a little more snow.

While the Jersey Shore is not cold and frosty like Minnesota, SNOW IS COMING.  And, according to AccuWeather, it could be headed our way for Christmas.

Let me begin by saying, the residents of our state that live to our north have the greatest chance of a white Christmas.  If you're visiting friends and family there, or in Pennsylvania, or upstate New York you have an over 75% chance of snow on Christmas.  Here in Ocean County, the latest data shows a 5% chance.

So, you're telling me there's a chance!  A chance to have a snowball fight with my son.  A chance to sled down a hill.  A chance to take a family photo in front of the house while snowfalls.  After such a dreary, dismal 2020 a white Christmas is what I need.  Maybe what we all need.  I'm going to come back to this article on December 25th, hoping that this wish came true.  I hope you will wish for it too.

My two sons on Christmas in 2019


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