How did you do with the big storm?  Most of us stayed in all weekend if we could.  There are plenty of delays and closings today as well. Take comfort that we will be in the 50's next week so we can watch it all melt...until then, if you are curious like me, we have the official snow totals for Ocean County from The National Weather Service.

Here is how we did:

Bayville                     21.0 in

Beachwood              19.4 in

Lacey Twp               18.3 in

Point Pleasant Beach         17.5 in

Point Pleasant               17.0 in

Forked River                 17.0 in

Tuckerton                    17.0 in

Manahawkin                   16.0 in

Toms River                   16.0 in

Point Pleasant          16.0 in

Ramtown                15.3 in

Little Egg Harbor Twp  15.3 in

Lanoka Harbor                15.0 in

Little Egg Harbor Twp        15.0 in

Brick                        14.8 in

Jackson                14.1 in

Toms River             13.5 in

Whiting                      13.1 in

Stafford Twp.           13.0 in

Jackson                12.7 in

Toms River              12.3 in

Stafford Twp. 2.8 in

Berkeley Twp. 2.7 SSE        11.9 in

Point Pleasant Beach         11.5 in

Lakehurst                    11.5 in

Barnegat                     11.4 in

Lakewood Twp           11.0 in

Jackson                      11.0 in

Lakewood Twp             11.0 in

Lakehurst              10.5 in

Manchester Twp               10.5 in

Eagleswood Twp          10.3 in

Barnegat Twp                 9.8 in

Long Beach Twp 1.4 SSE       6.4 in

Pine Beach 0.4 NW            6.0 in

I'll gather the snow totals for Monmouth County for you as well and post that next. Hopefully you were snowed it with a bunch of great food.  If you are wondering where to go once you are dug out I've got some great options for you!  I did some research and found the best burgers in the state of New Jersey for you to try...consider it your burger bucket list! Enjoy!

New Jersey's Best Burger (According To You)

We take our food very seriously here in Jersey. If we're not talking Italian, it's all about who has the most creative, juicy and mouth watering burger in the state. I asked what you thought and you weren't shy!

Need dessert? Of course you do!  You'll have to make the drive to this will rock your world!

ZRolls Ice Cream Is Insanely Good

I'll take my ice cream rolled from now on please!


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