If you believe what some long range forecasts for winter 2018 says about the Jersey Shore, you might want to get your shovel ready.

Back in the summer, the Farmer's Almanac released it's prediction for our upcoming winter, and to quote their map for our area, you can expect it to be a "cold and snowy" winter for the northeast.

The Almanac predicts "snowier than normal" conditions for us and even spotlights particular dates that may be especially vulnerable times for heavy precipitation in the northeast, including January 20th through the 23rd, the first and third week of February, and March 1st through the 3rd and the 20th through the 23rd.

There are other experts who seem to be in agreement with much of this assessment, as reported at patch.com. So we may be in for a little more winter this winter.

But let's remember that our Meteorologist Dan Zarrow does not believe in seasonal forecasting, since there are so may variables to deal with and it's so far out. Here's a quote from Dan when we asked him about it last year

"In general, I do not believe in seasonal forecasting.  I think our ability to forecast general weather conditions 4 to 6 months in advance is hit-or-miss, at best".

Stay up to date on the latest Jersey Shore weather with Dan Zarrow's weather blog.


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