This week we held our latest High School contest, Mascot Mayhem 2022. A chance for you at home to select the best High School Mascot here in Ocean County. We began with all Ocean County High Schools in the first round. We then advanced to the final round, which featured the Top 10 vote-getters. Now we have our winner, based on your votes at home.


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We wanna thank you for showing your school spirit, we had thousands of votes from all over Ocean County. Our Top 10 schools heading into our final round this week.



  • Pinelands Regional
  • Toms River HS South
  • Toms River HS North
  • Toms River HS East
  • Lacey HS
  • Manchester HS
  • Central Regional
  • Southern Regional
  • Donovan Catholic
  • Jackson Liberty

Our High School Mascots are a great part of our local High Schools and they do so much to help bring a smile to students, parents, and teachers' faces. Thank you to all the cool characters who entertain us at school, sporting events, and special events throughout the school year.

We had thousands of votes and it's great to see all the school spirit here in Ocean County for this brand new 2022/2023 school year. A great rally by our area High Schools and their fun and historic mascots who are a great part of the schools here in Ocean County, New Jersey.




Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels



Congratulations going out to this year's winner of the 92.7 WOBM Mascot Mayhem with Shawn & Sue. Drum Roll, this year's winner is "The WILDCAT" of Pinelands Regional High School 


Thanks to everyone and we look forward to our next contest with our schools and 92.7 WOBM


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