We had thousands of votes come in during Round 1 of Mascot Mayhem 2022 and now we are down to the Final Round and the Top 10 schools that made it into our finals for best Ocean County High School Mascot. It's truly Mascot Mayhem with Shawn & Sue!


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Now it's time to dig deep and really show that school spirit and get everyone to vote for your mascot, how fun, and hopefully, Shawn & Sue will get to meet and congratulate the winning Mascot at your high school this fall. So rally your troops and vote.




Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels




At the end of Round 1 here were the standings:

  1. Pinelands Regional
  2. Toms River HS South
  3. Toms River HS North
  4. Toms River HS East
  5. Lacey HS
  6. Manchester HS
  7. Central Regional
  8. Southern Regional
  9. Donovan Catholic
  10. Jackson Liberty

Good luck to all our local High Schools and their Mascots as we head into the final round of Mascot Mayhem with Shawn & Sue. Results Friday Morning on the Ocean County Breakfast Show.

Have a great school year and be sure to cast your vote below.


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