One thing we can all agree on is that there are a lot of things we see on New Jersey’s roads that annoy us. Lots and lots of things. It’s amazing the moves some people make on the roads. But who’s the worst kind of driver. Let’s look at some bad driver habits.

There’s of course ‘the tailgater’. The tailgater is going to let you know that you are going too slow in THEIR lane and you better get out of the way or they will apparently drive up to your bumper, and if that doesn’t work they will give you the final warning flashing headlight alert before literally driving over your car. 

Then there’s the ‘no signal light weaver’. This driver feels no need to let you know which way they are going, even though they are going in seven different directions across three lanes. Is there anything more satisfying than seeing ‘the weavers’ getting nowhere no matter how hard they try.

How about the ‘slow downer’. This driver feels the need to tell you that you are approaching too quickly and they prove that point by slowing down to about 20 mph to confirm their ownerhip of the lane. Don’t worry, though. They’ll speed right up just as soon as you try to pass them.

Then there’s the ‘I’m lost, but I’m going to keep driving slowly” driver. Listen, we all get lost. But do we all stay on the road, going 10 mph, squinting and trying to read each street sign and house number until we find our destination? I don’t think so.

We’ve all seen the ‘left lane closer’. This person gets in the left lane, goes 50 and their theory is,  if you don’t like it, pass them on the right. The ‘left lane closer’ is usually clutching the wheel as if it was the last bottle of water in the desert.

I hope we touched on your favorite, but if not feel free to add yours in when you take the poll!

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