A measure is working its way through the Legislature that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana – but it now seems unlikely that Governor Christie will sign it if it passes.

Marijuana Leaf

Speaking at his latest town hall meeting in Piscataway, the Governor said “I don’t think you will see me sign a bill that legalizes marijuana in this state – and for people who disagree with me that’s fine- you’re welcome to disagree…I’m the Governor and I get to make those calls – when those bills come to my desk, and if that bill comes to my desk – it’s not one that I’m going to sign.”

He told the crowd he would not let the Garden state become like Colorado or California – where medical marijuana laws are so loose, that it’s as if pot were legal.

“There are shops everywhere” said Christie, “there are fly by night doctors who are writing prescriptions for someone who walks in and says they’ve got some stress from the flight they just took …you’ve got essentially the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and California – I don’t think that’s where we want to go as a state.”

He also said he’s in favor of making treatment mandatory for every non-violent offender charged with drug possession, “but I don’t think that what we should do is increase the number of drugs that we’re making legal…people who are supporters of the legalization of marijuana make a couple of different arguments – I get well alcohol is legal – and I say well okay, my mother told me a long time ago, 2 wrongs don’t make a right…and they say to me you can tax it if you make it legal – and I’m like, I get it, but no thanks – I think I’ll pass on another tax.”

While Christie’s tone was generally negative about marijuana, he did not specifically discuss pending legislation to decriminalize possession of pot in small quantities.

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