New Jersey does not have a good national reputation when it comes to being polite, but we live here and we know better.

No one will dispute that we encounter our share of rudeness on a pretty regular basis here at the Jersey Shore, but we also see our share of people going out of their way to be nice to neighbors and total strangers alike.

So, let's focus on the positive today. Let's focus on just how nice Jersey Shore residents really are. As a matter of fact, let's find out which town in Monmouth & Ocean Counties is the most polite town of all.

There is literally no way to list all of the towns in our poll, so we just listed the towns who's name we heard often when we asked this question. If you don't see the town you want to vote for listed, don't worry. You can enter it in, and we hope you do.

It's not going to be easy to crown the most polite town at the Jersey Shore but we'll do our best. Cast your vote now!

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