It's not always good news when the Garden State makes the Top 5 in a study, but this time it's something to be proud of.

The list that New Jersey is near the top of is not about traffic, taxes or the rate people are moving out of the state. This list is, however, about money, and the way we know how to handle it.

So congratulations New Jersey! We are the 5th most savvy state when it comes to money in the entire nation, according to the list published by The article showed our financial strengths and even a couple of weaknesses.

Here's the good news. Our rank in"debt and spending" is third best in the nation, topped only by Massachusetts and California. We also rank near the top (#2) in the "savings" area.

We do not do so well when it comes to "credit" rankings. We land in the bottom half of the nation there, at #27. And when it comes to "financial literacy" we rank 16th.

But when it comes to "credit usage", the Garden State is ranked 2nd best in the nation, behind only our neighbors in New York.

There are many other categories that were investigated and ranked and you can check them out at

But a big congratulations to us for being named some of the most financially savvy people in the whole country. It doesn't really surprise me when you think about how many people in our state have banking or Wall St. backgrounds. Plus, we're just smart people in general, right?

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