We live in New Jersey. Most of the time we love New Jersey. But we really love New Jersey food. So how does New Jersey Food rank nationally?

It turns out that a little while back Thrillist ranked each state by how good the food in the state was. For New Jersey, you'd have to think we'd be a lock to do really great on this one.

After all, we have some of the beat Italian restaurants around, the best pizza you can find anywhere, we have the greatest bagels ever made an d we are the diner capital of the world. and all that fresh seafood! We have to be top 5, right?

If you thought that, prepare yourself to be disappointed. Once again, New Jersey lands way lower on a national poll than we should, and some people in the Garden State might find this one downright insulting.

It turns out, that when compared with all the other states in the nation, the Garden State lands at #30. No, that's not a typo. We are ranked #30. Are you kidding me?

No disrespect meant to any other state. I'm sure there is amazing food all over this great country. But I can't help but think the only way you can rank New Jersey #30 for food is if you haven't eaten New Jersey food.

If you're wondering how the conclusion was reached, Thrillist used a panel to determine their rankings. I think we should invite them back for a second try. There's no doubt in my mind, and I'm sure yours too, that we should rank way higher than this.

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