The calendar may still say summer, but with temperatures beginning to drop, back-to-school in full swing and football on the minds of many Americans, many people are already in "fall mode".  Is that OK with you or are you still clinging on to the summer season? 

Every season has pros and cons.  Summer has beautiful beach days and long nights, but can get uncomfortably hot and produce too much traffic.  Fall showcases the beautiful color transformation of the trees, but also drops off in temperature pretty dramatically.  Winter is for the snow lovers, but if you don't like snow then there's not much else to like about it!  Then there's spring with it's welcome relief from winter and introduction to the summer once again.  Con?  Beware allergy sufferers!

Allergies aside, I think spring is my favorite season.  Not too hot, not too cold, just right.  Watching the plants and wildlife come back to life after a long winter is a fantastic sight.

What is YOUR favorite season?