More construction work continues in the Lakewood area, this time it’s the former Route 70 flea market. The Route 70 flea market was extremely popular for years with folks looking for great bargains at this large outdoor flea market in Lakewood.


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The Route 70 flea market is no longer and now this area is marked to become the latest housing and business development in the ever growing town of Lakewood.


Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Lakewood is our most populated town in Ocean County and with this housing project it will continue to grow and expand.

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According to the Lakewood News Network, which reached out to me….”the former flea market area is approved in 4 phases for a mixed use development with a total of 166 units, mostly townhomes. Construction is already in full swing for the first 2 phases. Eventually, there will also be 2 office/retail buildings along the Route 70 frontage.”

Do you miss the former flea market? Did you ever shop at this location? Did you ever sell goods at the old Route 70 flea market? The Route 70 flea market in Lakewood was around for about 40 years……beginning in the late 70’s. Thousands passed through the market every year. 

Do YOU think housing is a good project for this area? does Lakewood need this? We wanna hear your thoughts, so post your comments below 👇🏻 

No word yet on when this project  will be complete but we will try to keep you posted and if we get any word we will let you know in future reports ….

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