The Bottom Line

Aside from morning clouds and sprinkles and a light on-shore breeze, Wednesday looks good. Thursday will be pleasant too. And then our weather turns more unsettled - cloudy and occasionally wet - through this weekend and next week.

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A weak storm system is diving south along the western edge of New Jersey on this Wednesday morning. Clouds have entered the skies of New Jersey as a result. And we even have a few showers and sprinkles out there too. Scattered raindrops will remain possible through the Wednesday morning hours. But don’t expect much, as those showers will have to battle our very dry atmosphere.

Meanwhile, there is a chill in the air to start the day. Temperatures are primarily in the 40s, although there are some 30s in NW NJ and the middle of the Pine Barrens.

As clouds give way to sunny skies by Wednesday afternoon, temperatures will respond. High temperatures will pop into the mid to upper 60s across the state. 70 is a possibility for inland South Jersey.

However, our wind direction will become southeasterly. That wind will be very light - barely a breeze. But it will be enough to blow some cool marine air toward the Jersey Shore. Hence, coastal communities will struggle to hit 60 degrees (for Wednesday and beyond).

Wednesday night will stay clear and cool, with lows back in the mid 40s by Thursday morning.


Dry and pleasant. Mostly to partly sunny. Highs in the lower to mid 60s, still a bit above normal. Once again, the Jersey Shore will be the cool spot, in the 50s.


Changes shall be afoot, as skies become mostly cloudy and temperatures all-around turn cooler. My latest forecast puts high temperatures in the upper 50s. Not a terrible day, just not as bright and warm. There will also be a chance for a shower or sprinkle at some point Friday - but that precipitation chance seems pretty limited.

The Weekend & Beyond

Unsettled, with lots of clouds, but not a washout.

Saturday’s forecast has dried out considerably since we last spoke. I could see some morning showers developing, but it should not be an all-day thing. High temperatures will end up close to 60 degrees.

A pocket of steady rain is looking likely for Sunday, at least through the first half of the day. So this is the one period of this forecast for which your outdoor plans are in serious jeopardy. There will be a chance of clearing by late Sunday afternoon.

The forecast for next week is muddled. I now favor a cooler outlook, with highs in the 50s for Monday and Tuesday. There will probably be some raindrops in there too, although my confidence regarding the spread and confidence of any precipitation is low confidence at this time.

So, a little bit of pleasant and a little bit of wet in this forecast. Sounds like typical April weather to me!

Dan Zarrow is Chief Meteorologist for Townsquare Media New Jersey. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter for the latest forecast and realtime weather updates.

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