We already lost one last year, now we could lose another one in Ocean County.

From what I'm reading, I believe here in Ocean County at their Brick location, we are OK for now.

Bed Bath & Beyond announced late last year and early this year that they will be closing stores throughout the country. Especially those stores that are not doing very well. I was a little concerned since we already lost one in Ocean County, across from the Ocean County Mall in Toms River but there is another one right in the Brick area.  We cannot lose this one.  It is my go-to location.

According to cnbc.com, Bed Bath & Beyond is closing over 30 stores in the United States. There is one location in Edgewater that is closing. In the article it says nothing about the Brick locations, so that's good news.

Come on, who doesn't love those coupons we always get in the mail. I still get them in the mail monthly. There aren't many stores that mail out coupons anymore. And, usually, it's 25% off and sometimes even 50% off.

The closing day for Bed Bath & Beyond locations will be at the end of February. If there's one thing I know that I love about Bed Bath & Beyond is the smell every time I walk in there.

There is something I will always remember about Bed Bath & Beyond and that's the smell.

I don't know why I'm talking about the memory of Bed Bath & Beyond because we have some great news, that ours is not closing in Brick.

This is great news because I'm there a lot in the Brick location. I love Bed Bath & Beyond.

Now, some of these retailers.  Not so lucky.

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