Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we have the BEST candy store in New Jersey. This shop was chosen as one of the TOP 50 in America by The Food Network. Maybe this is the perfect spot to find your loved one something sweet for Cupid’s big day next month.


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According to The Food Network, the best candy store in New Jersey is located right in Morris County. Black River Candy Shoppe in Chester, New Jersey is listed among the best in America and the best here in New Jersey. Black River Candy Shoppe is located at 44 Main Street, Chester, NJ 07930.


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According to Food Network…”The owners of Black River Candy Shoppe have been collecting PEZ dispensers for almost 17 years, and they've covered the walls with 400 of them (and counting).


Candy is a huge part of Valentine’s Day and having one of the best candy stores in America is a nice thing to check out ... remember we have wonderful candy stores right here in Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth Counties. Be sure to check out our fantastic sweet shops around the Jersey Shore this Valentine's Day and bring your lover something delicious.



Unsplash.com Sixteen Miles Out
Unsplash.com Sixteen Miles Out



What are your favorite candies for Valentine's Day? Do you love the chalk hearts or are you into a heart fu7ll of chocolates? Let us know what you love and post your candy suggestions for V-DAY below...


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