Suez officials say they've begun restoration of its Indian Hill Road elevated water storage tank in Toms River.

The tank, which is located at the intersection crossing Hooper Avenue, was drained this week to prepare for the restoration work now underway.

You should expect to see U.S. Tank Painting, Inc., SUEZ’ contractor, on site during the normal work week between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM daily except holidays and weekends.

“This project is vital to our community. It will not only assure that customers will continue to receive high-level service and exceptional water quality, but it will also secure resources for peak water use, fire flow and emergency service demands,” Jim Mastrokalos, SUEZ Director of Operations said. “The quality of the water provided to customers during this project will not be affected and will continue to meet or exceed all federal and state water quality regulations."

Mastrokalos says that customers adjacent to the tank site should not notice any change in water service throughout the project, except for occasional, minor water pressure deviations that may occur as a result of the out-of-service tank during the project.

The contractor will also provide full containment during exterior paint removal, surface preparation and painting operations in order to prevent the migration of any blasting and painting materials to neighboring properties.

The work is expected to be completed by early 2019, weather permitting.

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