A gifted and talented volunteer at the Veterans Memorial Home in Vineland has been spending time outside the facility playing music for its residents.

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Christine Sheil is a music therapist that visits the memorial home on NW Blvd. Most recently she's been sharing her music from the parking lot outside. Residents are brought to area windows to watch, Courier Post reports.

Sheil says giving the gift of music is the most important thing that she does in her life. Although she has to remain socially distanced from the residents amid the coronavirus pandemic, she tells USA Today Network New Jersey via Courier Post she still enjoys seeing their faces through the windows and watching them wave and response to her playing and singing familiar songs like 'You Are My Sunshine'.

Aw! I love what Christine Sheil is doing. Especially as the winter draws nearer. Her fingers must get cold, but she plays on. As the daughter of an army vet, I wish I could do something similar. But, if I tried to sing for them, they'd probably chuck tomatoes at me to stop, lol. Music is so universal, and bring such joy. I'm so glad Sheil is able to connect with these Veterans Memorial Home residents this way, especially during such a trying time when they're likely not receiving visitors, and during the holidays.

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