For the last few days, I have been hosting my grandparents. Their names are Marie & Bill DeMeo, but I call them ReRe and Poppy. They currently live in Florida but they grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Rere is 90 years old and Poppy is 93 years old. They are true legends and a perfect representation of how to succeed in "life".

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Why am I bringing them up? As you can probably guess, they are old-school Italian and the other night, we were watching Martin Scorsese's 1990 film 'GoodFellas'. To be totally honest, ReRe was googly-eyed watching a young Robert De Niro. She was going off about how good-looking De Niro was, and there's poor Poppy laying on the couch with nothing to say. HAHA! It was hysterical... When you've been married for over 70 years, what can you say?!

Here's Poppy & I...

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Anyway, a new mafia movie called 'Jersey Bred' was seen being filmed at Vic's Italian Restaurant in Bradley Beach.

From Vic's Italian Restaurant Facebook:

Vic’s had a movie shoot yesterday for “Jersey Bred”. It’s an independent and a modern-day mafia film. I know we will get a lot of questions about it but we have no idea when the release date is or where it will be released. Production just started yesterday at Vics and the process can take some time. We enjoyed observing a very talented production crew and we look forward to when the movie is finally released. They’re on to filming at other various locations throughout Asbury park and in the area.

Here's what I know about 'Jersey Bred'... it's written and directed by Greg Russo. According to IMDb, the movie is about a computer savvy NJ mob prince, who's been reorganizing organized crime and he gets challenged for the top spot by his hot-tempered former childhood best friend. Jersey Bred is currently in production, no release date has been announced yet.

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