I saw a GREAT meme that summed us up in Jersey perfectly. It said, "The second time I say, that's crazy during your story, that's your cue to wrap it up."  I relate to that because yes, I care, but I'm busy so I'm a walk and talk kind of girl. That's why I love this news for Brick. Soon you will be able to get a drive-through oil change right at Brick’s Bay Harbor Plaza shopping center. The new Valvoline Instant Oil Change will go up where Hardee’s fast food restaurant was supposed to be built but here is why it is so different.

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This won't be your grandma's oil change shop.  This one will be over 4 thousand feet and offer the very cool ability to get an oil change without ever leaving your car! You'll just drive on up and the mechanics will be in a pit underground waiting for you to roll overhead so they can fix your car right up! Then, a computer screen will be moved next to the driver’s side window of your car and customers will self-pay and drive away!

There will be enough space and mechanics to serve three vehicles at a time in the garage which according to their projections will be more than enough to keep it moving!  Special thanks for the reporting of The Brick Shorebeat on this story.  If you want to read more about it click here.  Now that you have some extra time on your hands go get yourself a pedicure while you are on your "errands" no one will be looking for you for at least another hour ;-)

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