I'm approaching my 1-year anniversary as a resident of Berkeley Township.  While there's been a lot to be happy about living here, not everything has thrilled me.  Perhaps you can relate?  So, this afternoon when I opened my e-mail and read the attachment I couldn't believe my eyes.  I started forwarding it around to family and friends.  Eureka!

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Being new to Bayville and not knowing anyone, my 10-year-old hasn't had a great opportunity to make new friends, socialize, and have a normal school experience.  No child has had a normal school experience...not going for just a few hours a day in person and then learning virtually in the afternoon.  One of the things that my son has said that's really resonated with me is that there's no lunch break and recess is about half as long as usual.  When I was a kid, I looked forward to 30 minutes of eating lunch and laughing with friends followed by 30 minutes of kicking a soccer ball or goofing around.

If you haven't figured out what hasn't thrilled me about living in Berkeley Township, it's that for part of the year the school was mostly virtual, opened and closed and opened, and regularly sent out letters about COVID-19 exposures.  I get why they did it all, but it was frustrating...probably more so for the kids.  Oh, and I don't like all the uneven pavement and potholes on Route 9.  Are you feeling me?

So, when I got an e-mail from the Superintendent of Berkeley Township Schools that said they were expanding hours of in-person classes, I jumped up and down like a child.  Starting on May 10th, students will get almost 2 more hours of time to learn and have fun with friends.  Even better, there will now be a lunch break.  That's brand new!  Of course, they reminded everyone to keep their kids home if they feel sick, wash hands, cover their faces, and follow all COVID-19 protocols.

My son is thrilled.  My wife is thrilled.  I'm thrilled.  I'd bet thousands of other parents are thrilled too.  Doctor Roselli, thank you!

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