Ocean County Assemblyman Alex Sauickie has introduced the latest piece of legislation aimed at repealing the Sex Education curriculum approved by Governor Phil Murphy.

Since becoming introduced as a law that passed in New Jersey, there has been continuous calls for revisions, repeals, and more with religious and moral concerns among the reasons invoked by many GOP lawmakers.

In April, there was a contested debate between South Jersey State Senator Michael Testa (R-3) and Acting Education Commissioner Angelica Allen-McMillan over alleged inappropriate videos that are apart of the new sex education standards and curriculum that'll be taught to school children.

Getty Images/Townsquare Media illustration
Getty Images/Townsquare Media illustration

In May, a bill was crafted to provide transparency to any interested person wanting more clarity and information on what was going on with the sex ed curriculum changes, but legislation that Monmouth County Assemblywoman Vicky Flynn, among others, explained had some flaws.

In July, Senate Minority Leader, State Senator Steve Oroho (R), raised a red flag over the idea that school districts would be punished if they did not comply with New Jersey sex ed standards.

In August, State Senator Joe Pennacchio (R) and State Senator Holly Schepisi (R) raised concerns during a virtual hearing over the content of what is being proposed to be taught in schools as well as standards that lack transparency and parental consent.

In September, South Jersey State Senator Ed Durr (R) introduced a bill that would prevent sex change surgeries in children.

The Statehouse in Trenton. (Michael Symons/Townsquare Media NJ)
The Statehouse in Trenton. (Michael Symons/Townsquare Media NJ)

Now, Ocean County Assemblyman Alex Sauickie has introduced a new bill with the intent to repeal the State Sex Ed Curriculum adopted in June of 2020 which he says includes topics "such as gender identity and oral and anal sex for grades K-12".

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Assemblyman Sauickie added that his bill (A4801) "would rescind those standards and prohibit the state board from mandating any similar curriculum requirements. New health education curriculum standards would be adopted by local school boards within 180 days of the bill’s enactment."

The bill would also create parental advisory committee's in every school district that would be open to the public and the bill would also remove "requirements that the state Department of Education provide sample learning activities, resources, or materials to local school districts on health and physical education topics." 

His legislation has been referred to the Assembly Education Committee.

Here is the statement on the new bill from Ocean County Assemblyman Alex Sauickie:

“Unaccountable bureaucrats creating inappropriate learning standards and forcing their agenda on children and schools is an assault on common sense, our local educators and home rule. This bill is about shifting the power to the local level so that parents, teachers, and boards of education are working together to develop a transparent and age-appropriate health and education curriculum.

State officials have threatened school districts that fail to teach their appalling lesson plans. They’re aiming to divide parents and children, and schools and communities. I’m committed to putting a stop to it.

This measure is the opposite of a one-size-fits-all curriculum mandate, and it requires more transparency in the process. Community members are invested in the success of schools and students and should have the opportunity to be involved.

“Some lesson plans that can be linked to the state’s standards are downright X-rated material. Most people would find them completely objectionable, and I've personally heard from teachers who don't want to teach these age-inappropriate subjects. We have to put children and their education and health needs ahead of the political activists with other priorities. Let children be children.”

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