It's not like New Jersey didn't have a good presence on the list of best boardwalks in America. We actually did very well. except for what I believe are two huge, glaring omissions.  See if you agree.

First, we tell you that the list of best boardwalks in America was compiled by a publication that is known around the world and is well trusted. We're talking about Reader's Digest here, so what they say carries a lot of weight.

So when a boardwalk we love makes the list we are completely thrilled. But when one of our favorites don't, it's going to break our hearts. And in this case, my heart was broken twice. Ouch.

First. let's celebrate the New Jersey boardwalks that did make the list. Congratulations to Ocean City, Wildwood, and Atlantic City for making the list. Each of those great boardwalks absolutely deserves to be honored.

And, oh yeah, this boardwalk known as Jenkinson's made the list, too. It's no surprise it did, but it would have been a shock if it didn't. So, congratulations to our friends at Jenk's for being among the best in the nation. it's probably among the best family boardwalks in the world.

But I have to ask. How in the world do you do the best boardwalk list and not include one of the most legendary and awesome boardwalks in the world...Seaside Heights?

And, while we're at it. The very hot, very trendy, comeback of the century Asbury Park Boardwalk is nowhere to be found on the list, either and that breaks my heart, too.

Having four boardwalks in the top 20 is a great honor for New Jersey, especially when we're side by side with Hawaii and Coney Island, but am I being selfish thinking we actually boast at least six of the best?

I don't think so, and I know if you love these boardwalks the way I do, you'd want them on the list, too.

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