There have been so many heroic stories involving Marlboro Police Officers over the last couple of years alone, where their quick reactions and knowledge of what to do in emergency situations, have literally saved several lives.

A 2-month old baby is alive today thanks to Marlboro Police Officers Adam Levine and Ryan Anzalone.

These two officers responded to a home on Amagansett Drive Saturday night, around 7:47 pm, after getting a call from a man who said his 2-month old baby wasn't breathing.

Marlboro Police Communications Operator Anthony Garrell provided the father with CPR instructions over the phone as Communications Operators Lauren Guiamano and Asher Cantor dispatched police officers and EMS to the scene.

Patrolman Adam Levine was first on scene and arrived as the father was giving CPR to the baby, who was unresponsive at that point and turning blue.

Levine took over CPR while Anzalone administered oxygen to the baby.

They were then joined on the scene by Marlboro Police Officers Matthew Schuster, Derek Daulton, Michael Verbeke as well as members of the Morganville First Aid Squad.

The baby then began to gasp for air as Officer Levine continued administering CPR, and his color started to return to normal.

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Levine then carried the baby, who began to cry, as they were brought outside to the awaiting ambulance, and EMS brought the child to Jersey Shore Medical Center for further evaluation.

“I am extremely proud of the lifesaving efforts provided by these fine patrolmen. Our officers are trained and ready 24/7 to handle these types of calls, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome," Marlboro Police Chief Peter Pezzullo said in a statement.

To circle back to the opening line of this story, heroic actions of late in Marlboro have us all smiling because lives have been saved.

Officers Donna Gonzalez and Ryan Anzalone ran into a burning house in August of 2021 and rescued a man who was in a second-floor bedroom that was filling up with smoke.

In May of 2021, Marlboro Police Patrolmen Charles Wilson and Pawel Wcislo helped an elderly couple out of their condo as the building was burning. They helped the wheelchair-bound man and his wife to safety.

In April of 2021, Patrolman Adam Levine, Patrolman Frank Bianco, Patrolman Anthony DiMarco, Sergeant Greg Aronne, and Cpl. Joshua Stonesifer, helped revive a 1-year old girl who had stopped breathing and was turning blue.

Marlboro Police Lieutenant John Loyer, Patrol Officer Donna Gonzalez, Patrol Officer Adam Mattei, Patrol Officer Colin Murray, and Patrol Officer Robert Kelly, all received Valor Awards in September of 2020 for their roles in helping rescue a teenager from a burning vehicle in June of 2020.

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