A tractor trailer that overturned on Pasadena Road near Red Oak Grove Road on Tuesday in Whiting sends one to the hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

Manchester Police say the 2006 Peterbilt Tractor was heading along Pasadena when the driver, 61-year old Alfonso Calderon-Chinchil of Rahway, lost control of the vehicle while trying to steer thru a curve in the road and ended up jackknifed around 7:39 am.

24-tons of concrete sand, diesel fuel and hydraulic fluid then spilled into the roadway shutting it down for several hours.

Calderon-Chinchil, who complained of head pain, was transported to Community Medical Center for evaluation and treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

Assisting at the scene were firefighters from the Whiting Volunteer Fire Department, EMTs from Quality Medical Transport and paramedics from MONOC as well as members of the Berkeley Hazmat Team, the Ocean County Road Department and the Ocean County Health Department.

The investigation into this crash is still ongoing, but at this point, police believe speed and driver error appear to be contributing factors.

This crash is being investigated by Patrolman Jesse Hoydis of the department's Traffic Safety Unit.

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