It looks like Geoffrey the Giraffe is back!

I almost feel like it is too good to be true... but IT ISN'T!! Toys R Us has found a way to rebound after the COVID-19 Pandemic and return with all of our favorite, classic toys.

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The toy giant has just announced a new partnership with Macy's, so now their toy products will be sold in certain Macy's store locations and on their website.

From the sound of it, mini Toys R Us stores are going to be built within various Macy's department stores similar to how mini Starbucks are built in various Target stores across the country.

By the end of 2022, Toys R Us will have opened within 400 Macy's stores across the that means *cue my happy dance*

But, just like with everything else in life, there is a catch. We have no idea where these Toys R Us locations will be built OR if any of those locations include the Jersey Shore.

They better come to the Jersey Shore.

I have so many happy memories shopping here with my the first time I got an Easy Bake Oven or when my Dad bought me this HUMONGOUS stuffed dog for my birthday.

So I want kids at the Jersey Shore to experience what I got to as a kid because there is really nothing like it.

In case you are not aware, here are all of the Macy's store locations at the Jersey Shore that COULD soon have a mini Toys R Us store inside:

All Of The Jersey Shore Macy's Locations

These are all of the stores that COULD receive a mini Toys R Us store.

If you want more information on this topic, take a look at the original article at

You can also take a look at Macy's Website!

P.S. I could always use an Easy Bake Oven...and yes, even at 29 years old.

Oh! And while we are some of the most epic toys you NEED to buy once these Toys R Us stores open in New Jersey Macy's so your kid can understand the magic of this store.

All The OG Toys I Cannot Wait To Buy When Toys R Us Stores Reopen In Macy's

Let's take a trip down memory lane to the good old days...shall we?

Woohoo for shopping!


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