Sometimes you read something about New Jersey and you wonder how anyone who has visited the Garden State could come up with the conclusion they did. I just read an article about the "top outdoor attraction this summer in each state" and the choice for New Jersey will have Shore residents tripping over our collective jaws.

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Let's start by giving you a chance to take your own guess. The top summer outdoor attraction at the Jersey Shore? I came up with about about 375 choices, and the one chosen by Love Exploring as the top choice didn't make my list.

I'm going to limit my selections to Monmouth & Ocean Counties, and I think you'd be happy with any or all of these topping the list, even though according to this article, none did.

Aren't These The Outdoor Attractions That Should Top The List For NJ?

So, what could possibly be the "Top Outdoor Attraction This Summer" in New Jersey, according to Love Exploring? How about Grounds For Sculpture? What now?

Look, nothing against this attraction in Hamilton Township, it's actually a really cool place. But are we really going to put it up against the beach, boardwalk, Great Adventure and the other legendary outdoor attractions in the state? That's hard to swallow.

Should you visit Grounds For Sculpture? Of course you should. As I said, it's really cool. As a matter of fact, you should visit all the attractions we've talked about, but for the sake of the Jersey shore and all who love it, can we get one of our gorgeous beaches or boardwalks on the top of this list?

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