We had so many votes on where's the best pie in Ocean County, we all love pie.

Pie, it's good anytime throughout the day, not just for dessert.

Make sure to VOTE for the top 5 "BEST" pies in Ocean County.👇👇

5 Favorite Summertime Jersey Shore Pies

How about that sweet pie at night before bed while watching your favorite TV show? Oh, I know it's so bad for you, but it's so good.

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I was talking to Linda from Brick in BJ's in Toms River and we were talking about pies. I thought this would be a great article. Where are the "best" pies in Ocean County? Linda was telling me that the pies at BJ's and Costco are the biggest and the best. I had to try a pie from Costco and Linda was right, delicious.

Pies are the staple for holidays, BBQs, and everything else when it comes to family and friends. A good piece of pie was my Dad's favorite. A good piece of apple pie is what he always ordered when we were out to dinner.

New Jersey's favorite flavored pies are cherry, apple, and pumpkin. Let's find out where the "best" pie is in Ocean County. We had hundreds of votes for the best pies in Ocean County. Thank you for all of the votes. Here are the top 5 - Emery's, Sand Castle Diner, Mueller's, Lucille's, and Costco. Let's VOTE! We're looking for the BEST in Ocean County.

Enjoy your pies this summer.


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