A Toms River man who was flying around the township, then landing, has been cited for his travels.

Toms River police
Toms River police (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

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Toms River Police said they began receiving several anonymous complains including on June 24 in particular about a helicopter flying very low around the town and may have been landing in unauthorized areas as well as on private property along Dino Boulevard.

Police investigated the complaints but officers saw for themselves at the helicopter flying around so they eyed the tail number on the aircraft leading to the owners information.

They spoke with the homeowner and pilot of the helicopter, Meir Gurvitz, who complied and provided the officers with the necessary information.

Gurvitz then received a citation for Zoning Ordinance 'Chapter 348, 10.5 Unauthorized Helipad Zone'.

Toms River Police said that the FAA and DOT will now be conducting an investigation into the incident as well as any other violations of federal and state laws he may have violated.

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