Here's some good news for fans of the Mets and fans of a local sports star. The Todd-father is back and Toms River and all of the Jersey Shore celebrates.

It has been a weird, weird baseball season this year. Well of course it is. It’s been a weird, weird everything this year, but there are some glimmers of sunshine in an unusual baseball season, especially if you’re a Mets fan.

The Todd-father is back. That’s rig hit, the one and only Todd Frazier, the hero of the 1998 Toms River Little League world championship team and the pride of all of the Jersey Shore, is back in a New York Mets uniform.

The deal was a late day deal just before baseball’s trade deadline, and its really good news for Mets fans who love the local favorite, the crowd favorite and the locker room favorite as well.

Todd is having a pretty solid season so far, having batted .241 with 7 home runs for the Texas Rangers, and now he can try to lend some support to a Mets team that is not exactly out of it yet this year, but can really use some help in this last month of the season.

To me there is nothing more exciting than a local star on a local team, and Todd has always been a favorite of mine, just like thousands of other Mets fans here at the Jersey Shore.

So welcome back Todd-father. We are glad you’re here and we can use your help! Enjoy the rest of the season close to home!

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