Local hero + great beverage + great cause = a cause worth supporting. In this case, a local baseball icon, Todd Frazier, and a local brewer, Toms River Brewing, have partnered up on a way to help the Toms River Field of Dreams. Here's what you need to know.

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Toddfather Pilsner - Credit: JB
Toddfather Pilsner - Credit: JB

This limited-edition beer is not easy to find. After seeing an Instagram post from Team USA slugger, Toms River Little League Hero, and MLB Home Run Derby champion Todd Frazier, I was so excited to try this new beverage. And it did not disappoint.  I found a retailer a couple of miles from my home in Bayville and when I asked the man at the counter about it he said, "oh yeah, this one is going fast." It's available at Toms River Brewing and stores throughout the Jersey Shore, but call before you go.

Toms River Brewing shares some insight on the pilsner, "As a Toms River native and huge community advocate we got together with @flavafraz21 to create the home run of Pilsners, Toddfather. A simple bill of ingredients consisting of Pilsner and Vienna malts set the stage for a delicate ensemble with Perle and Saaz hops for a pronounced yet refreshing hop profile that lends subtle floral and fruit notes." And check out this amazing can.

Toddfather Pilsner - Credit: JB
Toddfather Pilsner - Credit: JB

I love the artwork:

  1. The Toddfather title has the classic baseball uniform script.
  2. The 2 bats, one on each side, help center the can.
  3. The Todd Frazier 21 baseball jersey icon is a nice touch.
  4. Todd ranging to his right to field is a great action shot.
  5. The pennant that says Pilsner has a baseball vibe.
  6. The New Jersey map and N J pay homage to his home.
  7. The glass icons going from full to empty and "going...going...gone" just like an announcer calling one of Todd's long shots is really cool.

Even better, I love the cause.  The Toms River Field of Dreams has a great mission, "To provide communities in Monmouth and Ocean Counties an all-inclusive complex which has a playground and other multiple physical and cognitive environments which create and recognize everyone’s right to fully participate in equitable play. This inclusive complex intentionally addresses the physical and social inclusion of people of all ages and abilities."  It's a wonderful mission and vision and I'm thankful this is happening.  How does this work?  Here's what Toms River Brewing shared:

"A portion of the proceeds will be donated to @TRFieldOfDreams an organization with a mission to encourage and engage the local community, with a focus on those with special needs, in physical and social activity. Toms River Field of dreams provides opportunities for individuals of all ages to engage, explore, and socialize together."  Amazing.  PS - The beer is really good!

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