The "Todd-Father" has returned home! Following a trade from the White Sox Tuesday, Toms River native Todd Frazier's trade to the Yankees has his hometown fans buzzing...But what number will he wear?

Toms River East Little League Indoor Practice Facility also known as the Frazier Fieldhouse. (Vin Ebenau, Townsquare Media)
Toms River East Little League Indoor Practice Facility also known as the Frazier Fieldhouse. (Vin Ebenau, Townsquare Media)

Ed Bush, who owns GameDay sports with locations at the Ocean County Mall, The Freehold Mall, Jersey Shore Premium Outlets and the Jackson Outlets, says people have already been reaching out to request Frazier's Yankee jersey.

"I had people texting me and saying, 'did you hear the news? Is it really true?' and then right away, 'when are we going to be able to get jersey's and t-shirts?' "

He hopes to have the jersey's sometime during the Yankees home-stand next week and when they do, he anticipates a crowd but not necessarily a stampede.

"I'm sure we will see a bit of an uptick, people know that we're there and that we pretty much carry everything, so they'll be coming in looking for it," said Bush.

Frazier who will man the hot corner in pinstripes, currently wears number 29 with the Yankees, but told reporters Wednesday he wants to speak with his favorite player as a kid, Paul O'Neill, to ask for his number 21.

The only other player to wear the number 21 since O'Neill retired following the 2001 World Series was relief pitcher LaTroy Hawkins for a very brief period.

Todd's legacy was born after the Toms River East Little League American All-Stars won the World Series over Japan in 1998.

Bush says he grew up down the road from TRELL on South Street and remembers how excited everyone was then.

"That was an exciting time," said Bush, who says he's happy Frazier is back near home,"I'd just like to congratulate Todd on becoming a New York Yankee. For all of us kids that played Little League and dreamed about that being able to happen to us, for it to happen to him and his family...I just couldn't be happier for him."

Now playing alongside rookie phenom Aaron Judge, Bush expects Frazier jersey sales to fly off the shelves just as fast.

"The Aaron Judge thing was a little crazy and our sales have drastically increased from that, so hopefully we'll get a good bump from Frazier jersey sales," said Bush.

The new Yankee third baseman will play his first game in Yankee pinstripes Tuesday against the Cincinnati Reds.

Bush hopes to have new Frazier jersey's in sometime during the home-stand.

It's a trade come true for jersey shore Yankee fans who are celebrating the Yankees newest third baseman

Bush say the jersey's will be fairly priced when they come in.

"The prices are set by Majestic," said Bush. "We're not allowed to change the prices and go up or even go down on the the prices are set."

He say's even though it's a hot item, they're not the kind of store who would overcharge just because it's odd Frazier.

Bush says they carry the real jersey's, and while not a threat he is aware that people are out there selling illegally or non-authentic jersey's, but it's a trend that's dissolving.

"I don't think you really see that as much as you used to," said Bush. "I think the penalties have increased and they're really enforcing it more where it's just not worth people's wile to try and risk it."

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