The Frazier family heading to Cleveland for Wednesday night's Yankees playoff game
Todd Frazier's family heading to Cleveland for Wednesday night's Yankees playoff game (Frazier Family)

As tough as it is for me I have to give credit to the New York Yankees who captured their American League Division Series and completed a terrific comeback with a game five victory in Cleveland last night.

That 5-2 victory sends them to the American League Championship Series where they will face the Astros beginning Friday night in Houston. Didi Gregorius continues to make Yankee fans forget Derek Jeter with home runs in his first two at-bats last night and once again the Yankee bullpen was outstanding.

I truly am happy for Toms River’s Todd Frazier and now have another series in which to root against the Yankees.Let’s go Astros!  By the way,  the Frazier family was in Cleveland for last night’s big game courtesy of Todd who arranged to have a private plane fly them there.  Not too shabby!

I know its October when the list of shows I have recorded on my DVR keeps growing and growing…I can’t remember the last show I watched live as opposed to recorded.  The last two Saturdays I stayed up until about 2 a.m. trying to catch up.

For those fans of “Ray Donovan” there are just three episodes left in what has been a very different fifth season of the Showtime drama.  Liev Schreiber has never been better in the lead role although frankly I don’t know that there is a sixth season to follow.

The most disgusting part of the Harvey Weinstein saga is that so many people had to know what he was doing but yet did nothing for fear that it would hinder their careers.

I should be enjoying the unseasonably warm weather but instead I keep thinking that before long it will be cold and it’s going to stay that way for a while.  I simply dread winter.

Let me end on a positive note.  Pinelands Regional clinched the Class “B South” boys soccer championship Wednesday with a win over Barnegat behind a pair of goals from Kieran Sundermann. It’s the first outright division title for the Wildcats since 1989.

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