In New Jersey beeping your horn is generally an invitation to getting the middle finger.

It’s considered aggressive or impolite and usually elicits some sort of nasty response.

It used to be rare that we would ever need to use the horn throughout most of the state.

Yes, in the northeastern corridor of the state of course there's beeping and the rest of the garden state.

However, it is necessary to use this standard equipment on all cars more often today than ever before. Even in quiet suburban or rural corners on the street. Why? The cell phone of course.

When people get her a red light, I see it as an opportunity to catch up on their email, social media, or texting.

So, when the light turns green, they don’t notice it and sit there. Many of our lights are timed and turn yellow and then red quickly if the traffic isn’t flowing.

Most of us, no matter what part of the state we live in, are in a hurry to get somewhere. So, if this person doesn’t move when it’s time to go you can give the polite, courtesy, quick double beep.

A prolonged beep will usually result in them looking in the rearview mirror and flipping you the bird, even though they are the offending party.

The quick polite double beep usually results in a wave of the hand, while their look says, "I got it, I know, I’m sorry."

The prolonged beep is akin to calling them a—hole and they respond in kind with the “Jersey bird”.

The other acceptable circumstance to beep your horn is if someone is moving into your lane and about to crash into your vehicle.

However, beeping in gridlock or stalled traffic is futile, pointless, and a sign of stupidity or immaturity. But we’ve all been there, haven’t we?

If someone beeps at you because you’re on the phone or checking your makeup, you’re the a-hole, not them.

Give a polite apology wave and proceed quickly with caution. Thank you!

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