Lately we’ve spent a lot of time talking about how much things have changed in the last five months so it got me wondering what was on my mind at this time last year.  So I went back into the Hometown View archives and sure enough one year ago today this was my morning segment and I haven’t changed it.

When you are young you are consumed with wanting time to move faster because you want to be older but yet it seems to move so slowly.  You can’t wait to become a teenager, girls look forward to their “Sweet 16,” all kids look forward to getting their driver’s license and when you turn 21 well you know what that means.

It seems like all these milestone occasions take forever and most young people are simply in a rush for each one to happen.

I’m not sure at what point in my life I shouted for the first time PLEASE SLOW DOWN.
It’s clearly been many years and nobody is listening anyway because time is flying by at such an incredible pace. It’s like a runaway freight train.

I admit to being consumed by the speed of life which seems to gain a few miles-per-hour every year.  It really hits home during the summer months, a time I wish would creep along at a snail’s pace.

I know you’re not supposed to use the word “hate” but I simply hate winter and it seems like in recent years spring has simply become an extension of that dreadful season.  Finally it’s Memorial Day weekend and you feel alive and look forward to those long summer days and nights.

And then like that it’s almost over!

It’s getting dark noticeably earlier, your kids might have already left for college, practice is underway for fall sports and schools open in a couple of weeks (?).  I swear it seems like it was just yesterday I was going to the beach for the first time and now I’m getting closer to what will be the last day of this season.  (In truth I might be able to extend my beach time for obvious reasons).

If there is one thing I could say that would be heard by all of those under the age of 21 it would simply be: don’t rush it.  All those milestone birthdays and moments are coming and believe me you will wake up one morning and wonder how it all happened so fast and what can you do to slow it down.

From experience I can tell you the answer is you can’t do anything.  So take a deep breath and smell the roses Or if you prefer the salt air.  Before long you’ll be digging out after a snow storm.

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