Welcome to my own version janeof “Throwback Thursday” as I wax poetic about the past:

  • I’m not looking to get into a global warming debate but what has happened to winter? I remember when in Seaside Heights they flooded the playground and kids ice skated for what seemed like most of January and February and I know they did the same on Lake Carasaljo in Lakewood.
  • I miss the days when a football player scored a touchdown and handed the ball to the referee without some choreographed celebration which is actually almost embarrassing at times especially when the team in losing.
  • Remember when there was very little traffic in most of Ocean County from Labor Day to Memorial Day.
  • When I was growing up the playground was where you could always find a basketball game or kids playing stickball or just about anything. Today I drive by them and they are almost always empty.
  • The best part about the bus ride from Seaside Heights to Central Regional High School was playing sports trivia in the back of the bus. I was really good!
  • If you are under the age of 40 you likely have no idea how big a deal Monday Night Football was with Frank Gifford, Don Meredith and Howard Cosell. It was like the Super Bowl every week.
  • It was 17 years ago this Sunday that The Southern House in Point Pleasant Beach was destroyed by a fire and for 17 years I have missed their ribs and onion loaf.
  • The Beatles, Beach Boys, Motown and much more. Music in the 60’s was so much better than it is today.
  • There will never be a college basketball announcing team better than Dick Enberg, Billy Packer & Al Maguire. They were a lot of fun.
  • Paul Newman and Steve McQueen were two of the coolest guys…ever!
  • When I first started working at WOBM the music we played was either on a record album or 8-track tape neither of which you’ll likely find in any radio station today.
  • Grog’s Surf Palace in Seaside Park was an awesome place and so were OP corduroy shorts, many of which I bought there.

I don’t care if I sound old because I am.

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