Is it true that Jersey Shore residents have to travel about an hour to get the best slice of pie in the state?

Today is National Pie Day. Just to be clear, we're not talking about pizza hear. We're talking about the good old blueberry, pecan, apple and cherry type of pie. Now, the tough question...where's the best pie?

One food publication, Eat This, Not That has listed the best slice of pie in each state in the country, and their choice for the Garden State is a place about an hour north of the Jersey Shore, at a place called Erie Coffee and Bakery in Rutherford.

Erie's, located on Franklin Pl. in Rutherford, offers pumpkin pecan and apple cranberry pies among other choices.

I'm sure there are many local residents with a different opinion on this one. We certainly don't have to travel 60 miles. I only have six words to say on this topic. Delicious Orchards, Delicious Orchards, Delicious Orchards.

Those are truly the only words I need to celebrate National Pie Day, and as a matter of fact, I'm going to take a quick ride straight there after the show to begin my personal celebration.

I may have to include all 11 varieties of pie they offer year round. Now that's a pie celebration. Happy National Pie Day!

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