We recently told you that Americans are all getting three free N95 Masks each to help stop the spread of COVID and it's variants.  You can read about the locations in New Jersey to get those masks right here. Now we have the timeline of when you can expect to get your free N95s...

This is the largest rollout of masks in history and they are coming from our government reserve which feels a bit scary. However, we need to be using them now to get back to normal...I just hope 3M employees are equipped with plenty of Red Bull to replenish that reserve asap!

There is a Community Health Center program though the government and participating locations in New Jersey will also be supplied with N95s. They will be getting shipment sometime before the end of January.

More specifically, New Jersey's CVS stores are supposed to get them by this Friday, Jan 28th.  Walgreens should have their N95s by the same date or by Saturday at the latest.

They will have different sizes because a proper fit is key to them to work. No word yet if there will be kids' sizes.  The CDC finally got real with us about the kind of masks we need to be wearing.  I personally feel like letting people believe that decorative cloth masks were effective was extremely irresponsible so I'm glad they are coming clean now. Of course any mask is better than no mask but those cloth masks are as basic as it gets.  It's not like the government did not know this information before so waiting to declare it formally was a disappointment, but better late than never.

Now that we know we need N95s, creeps are selling counterfeit masks so I wanted to remind you one more time how to spot a fake mask.

So this Friday go get your free N95s and let's show Omicron who's boss.  BTW,  I know we are still sanitizing like crazy but be careful you don't use wipes on these things!

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