Thanks to a Facebook friend of mine who gave me this information about this miracle patient, Kim.

She was in a coma, survived ECMO, and countless treatments, and the family was told numerous times that she would not come back to them. Here we are about 100 days, actually a little bit more, and she's coming home from the rehab center this week. What an inspirational and amazing story.

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More than 100 days since her original admission to the hospital. Dozens of doctors nurses and other medical staff by her side doing everything they could to get her to this point. She still has a long way to go but she is back and she is fighting.

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Miracle patient Kim, entered the hospital Sunday, January 17th and they did everything they could to keep her off the ventilator, according to her page. But, because she had pneumonia in both lungs, they were more than 50% compromised. She was on a ventilator longer than 35 days.

Kim was then placed on ECMO. The easiest way to explain it, from her sister who manages her page,  is that it is acting as her lungs outside of her body oxygenating her blood for her. This is in the hopes to give her lungs the ability to rest so that they can heal as best they can. This machine is only used as a last case scenario and terrifyingly she had become that ill.

CLICK HERE for the full story or to donate - and from Kim's family - "My family and I are so grateful for all of you that have shown your support for Kimberly and our family in so many amazing ways. Please continue to hold your families close and keep them safe."

This Wednesday(May 12th, 2021), this week, KIM is finally coming home. She'll be leaving a Toms River rehab center. A M A Z I N G...

More to come on this story as we "hope" to hear more from Kim's family and friends. Kim, We Are SUPPORTING you! Keep Strong.

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