COVID had effected us all in one way or another. Sometimes we imagine that celebrities have ways to avoid the hassles that us normal people have to deal with (in some cases that's correct) but when it comes to COVID that all access pass and black card means nothing.

Special access?  Sure. Do they get the latest designer clothing before anyone else? Absolutely. However, if COVID has taught us anything, it has showed us that at the end of the day, regardless of our status or what we do for a living, we are all human.

We are also all social creatures. Think about it, that's why solitary confinement is considered to be the most severe punishment you can get in prison. Taking us away from one another is literally torture.

COVID has played mind games by isolating us, putting us to the test physically and mentally. Here is a list of celebrities that got COVID even though they had every resource to avoid it. This thing is crazy-contagious and if the most equipped people in the world are getting it, you can imagine how easy it is for you and me.

Celebrities That Had COVID

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Vaccinations for COVID-19 began being administered in the U.S. on Dec. 14, 2020. The quick rollout came a little more than a year after the virus was first identified in November 2019. The impressive speed with which vaccines were developed has also left a lot of people with a lot of questions. The questions range from the practical—how will I get vaccinated?—to the scientific—how do these vaccines even work?

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