There's a local Jersey Shore donut shop that's not only a great neighborhood hang (cue the Cheers song because everyone knows your name), it's also a destination for the visiting donut aficionado.  These donuts are mouthwatering but we can't ignore the art...presentation is everything! If you're going to a function and you show up with a box of these you're already a hit! Behold the prettiest donuts at the Jersey Shore.

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Inspired by the love of all things sinfully delicious and by the dynamic energy of Asbury Park, Purple Glaze’s hand-crafted donuts are a work of delectable art. We had a dozen delivered to our live broadcast on the Asbury Park boardwalk and they were too pretty not to share with you!  Keep in mind they make custom creations too...just look at these beauties!

Purple Glaze Keylime Donut Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Key Lime Pie
Vanilla Icing, Crushed Graham Cracker Crumbs, Key Lime Filling, Whipped Crème, Mini Yogurt Chips

Purple Glaze Donut Mint 2 Be Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Mint 2B
Chocolate Icing, Mini Mint Chips, Mint Drizzle

Purple Glaze Wakin' Bacon Donut Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Wake ‘n’ Bacon
Maple Glaze, Bacon Bits

Purple Glaze Cookies and Cream donut Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Cookies & Cream
Chocolate Donut, Vanilla Icing, Oreo Crumbs, Vanilla Cream Filling

Purple Glaze Boston Cream Photo credit: Shannon Holly
Boston Cream
Chocolate Icing, Bavarian Crème Filling
Purple Glaze Donut Vanilla Icing with Sprinkles Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Vanilla Icing w/o Sprinkles

Purple Glaze purple sprinkle Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Purple Glaze
Blueberry Glaze with Purple Sprinkles

Purple Glaze  It’s A Jelly donut Photo credit:
Shannon Holly

“It’s A Jelly!”
Powdered Sugar, Black Raspberry Jelly Filling

Purple Glaze Cherry Pie Donut Photo credit: Shannon Holly

They also offer...

Banana Creme Pie
Vanilla Icing, Graham Cracker Crumbs, Banana Cream, Vanilla Whip Filling, Banana Chip

Black & White
Vanilla Icing, Chocolate Crunchies, Vanilla & Chocolate Whip Filling

Cluster Nut
Chocolate Icing, Peanuts, Caramel Drizzle

Coconut Concussion
Vanilla Icing, Shredded Coconut, Coconut Cream Filling

French Toast
Cinnamon & Sugar, Cream Cheese Filling, Maple Drizzle

Good KarmaL
Chocolate Icing, Dulce de Leche filling, Heath Bar Bits

Holey Cannoli
Chocolate Icing, Mini Chocolate Chips, Homemade Cannoli Filling

La Dona
Cinnamon & Sugar, Dulce de Leche Filling

Mango Tango
Vanilla Icing, Toasted Coconut, Mango Filling

Chocolate Icing, Jelly Filling, Peanut Butter Drizzle

Vanilla Icing, Sweet/Sour Sugar Topping, Lemon Cream Filling

Raspberry Crumb
Vanilla Icing, Crumb Topping, Raspberry Drizzle

Ring of Fire
Vanilla Icing, Local Hot Pepper Jelly Filling by Holly Jolly Jams

Salty Dog
Caramel Drizzle, Dulce de Leche Filling, Sea Salt Sprinkle

Apple Pie
Vanilla Donut rolled in Cinnamon & Sugar, Apple Compote Filling

Chai Me a River
Vanilla Donut, Vanilla Icing, Chai

Chocolate Donut, Vanilla Icing, Chocolate Chips

Coconut Concussion
Vanilla Donut, Vanilla Icing, Chocolate Drizzle, Flaked Coconut Cream Filling

Fluffer Nutter
Chocolate Donut, Peanut Butter Glaze, Chocolate Drizzle, Marshmallow Drizzle

Health Nut
Vanilla Donut, Vanilla Glaze, Pepitas, Almonds, Ginger Slices

Mango Tango
Vanilla Donut, Vanilla Icing, Toasted Coconut, Glaze Drizzle, Mango Filling

Smart Cookie
Vanilla Donut, Vanilla Icing, Biscoff Cookie Crumbs

Triple Threat
Chocolate Donut, Chocolate Icing, Chocolate Sprinkles, Chocolate Buttercream Filling

Yummy Gummy
Vanilla Donut, Vanilla Icing, Rainbow Sprinkles, Vanilla Cream Filling, Gummy

Shannon Holly sharing donuts with some sweet little listeners Photo credit: Shannon Holly

Purple Glaze is such a proud member of the community...they support Asbury Park through donations, fundraisers and as an employer.  They also partner with other local businesses like Asbury Park Roastery coffee, Holly Jolly Jams, From the Garden honey, and many more.  We love ya!

Lou and Shannon broadcasting live from the Asbury Park boardwalk Photo credit: Shannon Holly

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