Memorial Day weekend means different things to different people and as far as I’m concerned that’s okay. 

The weekend itself was the unofficial start of summer at the Jersey Shore and there was nothing wrong with celebrating that.  I thought it was perfectly appropriate to wish someone a “happy Memorial Day weekend” because in essence you were saying “happy summer” and what’s wrong with that? 

Listen, many of us (and I fall into that category) live here for the 15 weeks that fall between now and Labor Day. It’s what makes the winter bearable. 

Of course yesterday was a bit different as we observe and don’t really celebrate Memorial Day itself. It’s a day to honor all of those who paid the ultimate price in service to our country.  I do believe in recent years there has been greater awareness and attention paid to those who serve and part of that is because American lives are still being lost around the world. 

However I also feel there is a greater sense of appreciation for all the sacrifices made by soldiers past and present especially those who fought in World War II, a shrinking fraternity and among the greatest heroes of any generation

Another twist that deals with this past weekend is many began summer jobs and likely logged some long hours while others (including yours truly) got to truly enjoy a three-day weekend for all that it’s worth.  A few more of those each year would be nice.

Couple of brief notes on this Tuesday which for many will feel like a Monday:


  • How many people are buying Tiger Woods’ explanation that it was an unexpected reaction to prescription medication that led to his DUI arrest and not alcohol? TMZ reported that police smelled alcohol on Woods’ breath and he refused to take a Breathalyzer test.  Both the New York Post and New York Daily News have the same front page headline, “DUI of the Tiger.”

  • The passing of sports journalism icon Frank Deford this weekend at the age of 78 really hit me. As a teenager I would read his every story in Sports Illustrated and when I got to meet him in 1981 at an awards program in North Carolina I was literally star struck.  He was truly one of the all-time greats!



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