NEWARK — There's a good chance your flight in or out of Newark Liberty International Airport will be late this summer.

The travel website concluded that 34 percent of Newark's arrivals and . departures are late, based on Department of Transportation airport on-time arrival data for the last 10 summers (2007–2016) at the 50 busiest airports in the country.

LaGuardia runs nearly as late, while 31 percent of JFK's flights are late during the summer months, according to the data. Philadelphia comes in with 29 percent running late.

The data also shows that June is the worst month at Newark, followed by July, and then August, when just 30 percent of flights are late.

MileCards said airlines are expected to carry a record 234 million passengers this summer, and delayed flights can develop quickly.

The site suggested summer travelers book early morning flights, as those are less likely to be delayed. Airlines will often waive service fees to change flights if severe weather is expected that will cause flight cancellations and delays.

If you are on board a late flight, check the status of your connection via the airline's website or app and possibly make changes on your phone.

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