Random notes and thoughts as we head into the next-to-last weekend before Labor Day weekend:

  • It looks like the Mets & Phillies are giving their fans reasons to believe that September could be special as both battle for National League Wild Card spots.  It will likely come down to pitching. The Mets have better starters but the Phillies bullpen is more dependable.  Of course there are several teams in the hunt for the post-season and both could end up on the outside looking in.
  • It really is outrageous that NFL teams charge fans what they do for pre-season games when so many starters see little or no action.
  • Despite his death I guess we are going to hear the name Jeffrey Epstein for a long time.
  • There really have not been many movies I was that interested in seeing this summer but I’m looking forward to Blinded by the Light which received a 90% rating from “Rotten Tomatoes.”
  • Any list of the problems facing America today should include the disrespect being shown by many to those in law enforcement. Of course in some cases rogue cops have contributed to that but overall the biggest problem is many simply have no respect for those who wear the blue.
  • I’ve been trying to find some cold coffee drinks I like this summer and stumbled across Dunkin Donuts Heath Iced Coffee. It’s a winner.
  • Uncle Floyd will be performing tomorrow night at the Italian American Club in Seaside Heights. I’m not a fan but give the guy credit for his longevity.
  • Far away from the glitz and glamour of big-time college football is what takes place at some junior colleges across the country. If you want to get an up-close look check out the new season of “Last Chance U” on Netflix as they follow Independence Community College in Kansas.  This one is not for the kids.
  • Did I tell you this is the next-to-last weekend before Labor Day weekend? I guess I did.



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